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Play as Trix and try to resist an insatiable desire curse while you find the responsible for Horny Tower's malediction. 

Can Trix stay faithful to her husband in a place full of horny monsters or she will succumb to a wizard's prediction?


  • Experience a Classic J-RPG Gameplay.
  • Use Lustful Skills.
  • Solve 24 unique and complex puzzles with different mechanics.
  • Create your own strategie with 25 different spells.
  • Explore a Horny Tower with unique puzzles, mechanics, and H-scenes.
  • Defeat more than 50 monsters with unique behaviors.
  • Live an an Immersive Story and meet Characters.

Puzzles are too difficulty? Check their solutions.

Wanna unlock Trix' friends' h-scenes? Choose the right answers.

Feel free to join Discord to report bugs.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
Authorshentairoom, Camila Mattos
GenreRole Playing
TagsAdult, Female Protagonist, Hentai, JRPG, NSFW, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, sex
Average sessionA few seconds


Buy Now$10.99 USD or more

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did this game have Yuri or yuri ending

Unfortunately it hasn't.





Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm glad that you like it! <3

Just wondering, how many H-scenes are there total?

I'm working on at least 20 (including the special ones for Trix's girls).

Are the 3 h-scenes hinted to in the gallery the only ones implemented at the moment

Yep! This demo is just a glimpse of the game so I haven't released more than 3.

How do I start the game, I download the content but there is no app to start.

I need help pls

Hello, White. Have you extracted it? If you haven't, click with the right button, extract here. After that, open the game folder and execute the file Game.exe.

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I got a bunch of suggestions.  Seeing as they aren't bugs or issues, they get a separate report.

The first and most important, is a game recommendation.  Seeing as how Trixie is following the JRPG formula with a puzzle-dungeon twist, it would be a good idea to play a game that does it well.  The game in question is Lufia II for the SNES.  If you want a bugfixed English version, let me know.

Hardcore Gaming 101: Lufia II


Minor Suggestion:  Just noticed the name of the bar, "Old Chicken Bar".  What with being a lurid game, renaming it to "Old Cock Bar" might fit into the setting a bit better.   Personally I would go with "Elderly Cock" bar.  This gives a sexual tone, and implies the town would have perverse geezers.  If the recommendation is accepted, the quest log would have to be gone over.

Minor Suggestion:  A proper name for the Tower's "Orc Bar", would be more natural.  Something like "The Orc's Draft", for example.

Minor Suggestion:  Give money a formal and lurid name. Seeing as how it is "C", I think that "Coitus" would make sense for the local currency.  "Eros" is another possibility, which is used by Monster Girl Dreams.

Mild Suggestion: It would be more realistic if the building sign posts in town are merged into the buildings themselves.  Further, more unique names would add the world's flavor.  I have some suggestions on that front.

Zoe's Alchemy Shop - "The Philosopher's Stone" or "Zoe's Orgone Delights".   The word "Orgone" is a psuedo-science concept related to sexual energy.  Assuming that Zoe's specialty is working with perverted materials, I think the latter name would make sense.

The Old Chicken Bar - It has no sign.  I recommend using a rooster emblem if a sign is added.  As mentioned before, I advocate "Elderly Cock" as the name of the bar.

Sleepy Goose Inn - Doesn't have a dedicated sign.  The name works just fine - however, "Leda's Goose Inn" may work as a sexual reference.  Leda is a woman in Greek mythology who made out with Zeus...in swan form.


Mild Suggestion:  There is no option to run away from battles.  This may be a mistake, or intentional design?  Either way, it has implications for how encounters should be set up.

Mild Suggestion:  Combine the Save & Load commands under a new "Data" menu, while placing the End command under Options.  This would allow loading games without having to exit to the title screen, along with condensing the menu more effectively.

Major Suggestion:  Removal of random movement patterns.  The random movement of monsters works against the puzzle mechanics, and can potentially risk breaking them.  If this game emulates Lufia II, the idea of monster movements reacting to the player could be used for solving puzzles.

Major Suggestion:  Limited enemy respawn:  If a player finishes a fight, the monster shouldn't respawn while in the area.  That gives more breathing room for working on puzzles, and also makes the game more friendly for loading saved games.

WOW! I really appreciate your suggestions and probably some of them will be available on the next build (after the new one that I'll release this Friday). I loved the suggestions to create a more immersive world and I'll check your reference asap. Thanks!

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If you need Lufia II, you can download the fixed English version here.  Password for the archive is "Trixie".  BSNES is the gold standard for SNES emulation, if you are new to the scene.

Have fun. :)

Lufia II - Spekkio Lufia v4.10

I'll play it asap! Thx, again!

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ok That puzzle in the first floor of the Tower is unsolvable.. nothing happens when I try to use the buttons.. also.. when I tried to pay the succubus to solve them the Game froze  Oo

ok for some reason.. if I save adn then exit to menu and hen reload the save  and then speak to the Succubus the Game does not freeze

Hope you can sort out the little issues .. enjoying the Game a lot so far :)


Hi, kharius. Have you tried to use my video spoiler? You can check it on the link: https://youtu.be/dHqjeZVESlY
You need to push the boulder to the buttons so that they open the gate for the next level. Thank you for the feedback, I'll check it right now.

Got the Silver Forest and Battle Academy wrapped up.


#30:  An inconsistency - Trixie had skills during the intro, but she apparently forgot them.  Aside from that, giving the player a starter set of skills would be useful for initial gameplay.  The skill upgrade system can be used to expand upon the basic abilities.  The player should be thinking "I like X, but it could use a bit more Z.  Upgrade Y should be worth it!"

#31:  The flame wisp feels like an unnatural obstacle from a narrative and gameplay standpoint.  If a random flame does nothing aggressive, there is no reason for Trixie to not walk around it.  Starting the encounter with Maverick when Trixie enters the map would feel more natural.

#32:  When a saved game is loaded, enemies respawn.  This can be problematic if the player is in a weakened state when they made their save.  Further, whether enemies respawn during excursions in dangerous territory would impact how the game is balanced.  Issues with puzzles may also arise.

#33:  (Nymph scene):  "Hugg...Please, use me..."   Not certain about "Hugg".  Either she calling out for a spirit called Hugh, or she is simply groaning in pleasure.  In the latter case, the sentence should be "Ugh...please, use me...".

#34:  (Nymph scene):  "Ownn...I missed you so much..."   Ownn -> Oh

#35:  (Nymph scene):  "I love when you touch me like that."   It would flow more naturally as "I love it when you touch me like that."

#36:  (Nymph scene):  "...I look like some hypnotized creep man"   Changing it to "I look like some hypnotized creep.", would be more natural.

#37:  (Nymph scene):  "Ownn, please tell me how much you want me..."  Ownn -> Oh

#38:  (Galadriel):  If you agree to leave, she says "Guess you're as rude as I thought you were."  This seems odd, since Trixie is doing as Galadriel asked.  Unless Galadriel is intended to be a jerk, it should be "Guess you're not as rude as I thought you were."

#39:  Nymph:  Regarding the Nymph scene, I am not sure the timing of it is natural. Most h-games have the main character slowly develop into perversion, or are demonstrated early on to have a licentious character.  If Trixie is a pervert from the beginning, a scene with her husband and being lurid in town would help.  For example, her first night at the inn she could play with herself, loudly.

#40:  (Quest Log - Bitter Vengeance):  Just noticed a few mistakes.  "The blacksmith at the Adventurer's Guild wants10 Orc Pelts to find his own peace of mind andsstart working again."   The problems are "wants10", also "andsstart".

#41:  When enemies spawn, they can end up on terrain the player can't enter.  For example, bats on tree tops.  Mind, allowing specific enemies to navigate certain terrain might be useful for dungeon design.



#42:  (Trix): "Ohh...how could I forget?" Ohh - Oh

#43:  (Emily):  "Yayy  This will be so fun! S2"  The "S2" should be removed.   

#44:  (Emily):  "Ohh It's late already."  ->  "Oh, it's late already."

#45:  (Kayle):  "warriors, assassins, mages..."  I recommend changing "assassins" to "rogues".  The latter is more generalized, as an assassin exists to kill specific people.

#46:  (Kayle):  "Ohh, sorry."  ->  "Oh, sorry."
#47:  (Girl in love):  Not sure if an mistake, but she is blocking access to the girl beyond her.

#48:  (Lady):  "It is wonderful to see so many children happy!"   I am guessing the students are too old to be considered children anymore.   "...so many happy students!" may fit better.

#49:   The teacher rooms are blocked by people.  I am guessing the teachers aren't valuable enough to have dedicated guards.  Locked doors would be more realistic.

#50:  (Ursula):  "Hunh, you could have been so much more."  Hunf ->  Hmph

#51:  (Ursula):  There is no context for why Trixie left without talking to Ursula.  The player isn't making an informed decision on whether to apologize or defend.

#52:  (Ursula):  "like being a broken mercenary,"  I am guessing that the intent is "broke mercenary", as in being poor.  If the wording of "broken mercenary" is deliberate, then that means Trixie had something bad happen to her.

#53:  (Quest Log - Evil Tower) "...information aboutthe situation..."  aboutthe -> about the

#54:  (Quest Log - Crimson Flower)  "A teacher from the Battle Academy0] promised Trixie agood reward if she kills the Crimson Flower thathides in the Black Bog."   Academy0] -> Academy, Trixie agood reward -> Trixie a good reward, Flower thathides -> Flower that hides.

The sentence is bit of a run-on.  I recommend a shortened version.  "A teacher promised a reward if Trixie kills a Crimson Flower in the Black Bog."



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I got a question, if you don't mind.  When I think about the game from a narrative and tonal standpoint, I am wondering what the author's intentions are.   When I am making world-building and character suggestions, I am not sure if they match the "goal" of the game's atmosphere. 

For example, is Trixie supposed to be NTR'red from her husband, or does their love transcend carnal urges?


The idea is to bring some NTR elements to make people believe in specific things, but then I'll make some plot twists.

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#55:  Having Trix automatically interrogate the Errand boy would make sense, if the spiked drink is that immediate and obvious.

#56: On the right side of the 2nd Floor by the orb, you can walk inside the wall.

#57: (Dealer):  "...Only a mixture of the finest Beer fermented..."  Beer shouldn't be capitalized, since it is a generic item, not a title.

#58:  The effect of poison in the field doesn't work, Trixie won't lose health as she moves.

#59: (Dealer) "Welcome to the Liquor store!"  Liquor by itself isn't a formal title, so it shouldn't be capitalized. I think it could be better written as "Welcome to my liquor store!  Do you know our specials?

#60: (Dealer):  "Ughh, I hate you!"  Ughh -> Ugh

#61: (Dealer):  "Hmmm...You're really good at this."  -> "Hm...you're really good at this."

#62: (Dealer):  "Like this...Clean"  -> "Like this...clean"

#63: (Dealer):  "in her mouth she uses her tongue" The overall sentence feels like a run-on.  I recommend...  "in her mouth, she uses her tongue"
#64: (Dealer):  "Hmm...Let me see."  -> "Hmm...let me see."

#65: (Dealer):  "I...Ugg!  That's none of your business."   Ugg! ->  ugh!

#66: (Dealer):  "Ohh yes, I forgot about that."  Ohh -> Oh

#67:  Spike switches - Pushing a switch up doesn't make a sound.

#68: (Orc Bar, Diana)  "hahaha This orc drink is the best!"  -> "Hahaha, this orc drink is the best!"

#69: (Orc Bar, Diana)  "I don't know...More conservative."  More -> more

#70: (Orc Bar, William)  The name box for William is mispelled as "Wiliam".

#71: (Orc Bar, William)  What?!  I can't lose! Not for them!"   Contexually, English speakers use "Not to them!" for a competition.  I recommend "What?!  I can't lose, not to them!"

#72: (Battle Academy, Teacher):  "Good...Very good!"  -> very

#73: (Zoe, 5th floor):  "Thank you...You"  You -> you

#74: (Zoe, 5th floor):  Zoe talked about letting her die to end the competition.  I think there are issues with this:  The first is that contextually, the competition is inherently dangerous, so it shouldn't end if some participants die.  I think what was intended here is "you could have let me die to reduce the competition,".   That should be closer to the mark.  

#75: (Zoe, 5th floor):  Up to this point, there were no indications that participants were trying to sabotage each other.  Having some of the other characters do nasty things to Trixie would help set up this conversation.  Examples: spiking the drinks during the booze contest, throwing a switch to reactivate a trap, running away to leave Trixie to monsters, ect.

#76:  5th Floor:  When given the quest, it is called "Orc Mistery".  I assume that "Mystery" is the intended word.  Aside from that, it says to investigate the Black Bog - it probably should say "Golden Woods", instead.

#77:  The promotion screen automatically finishes after several seconds.  It is best to let the player manually end it, so that they can read the screen.

#78:  "Ohh, I am so useless."  Ohh -> Oh .

#79:  "Ohh, before you get going, I want to repay you."  Ohh -> Oh .  I think it would be more natural to excise "Oh".   This is because a great number of characters and dialogues keep starting their sentences like that - it would be better variety to not overuse the same structure.  If used often, having it be a tic for a particular person might work.




We’ve uploaded some videos with the resolution of Trix and the Horny Tower puzzles. You can access them on Discord, #game_guide channel.

Deleted 1 year ago

Did I miss something here? 400+ Mb seem way too much for three quests in 1.0.1. It's so short, sadly, can't wait for more! I love that I can control everything so quickly without the mouse, feels very smooth atleast. Combat is pretty anticlimatic, guessing thats cause of the little variety in the demo. There is definitely potential here, please don't stop working on it!

Thank you so much for your feedback, Comagican! For the next build, we'll optimize the files.  It will be available next week, so stay tuned!

A new build is available.

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Finally got the time to try the new build! I found a bug with the teleporter system. Traveling from the teleporter in town to the entrance of the tower leaves me in a blackscreen. The textbox to choose a destination shows up when interacting during the blackscreen, but nothing happens when I choose a destination again. Other than that, the puzzles are nice! Altho, the ability to pull a rock makes them way too easy. I like where this is going tho, keep up the great work ^^

thank you for your report, It will be fixed in the next version which will be launched on January 15th with all 5 puzzles from Sector 1 + 3 H-scenes + a boss. The new puzzles will be hard since we'll introduce a new puzzle and mixed it with the puzzles from floors 1 and 2. If you want to play this new build firsthand, join Discord. I can send it to you! Your feedback is always amazing and our games are made with our community! :D

Sure sure, hmu :)

A new build is available. I hope you enjoy it! :)

My main complaint on this one is that it starts way too slow.  There's an awkward delay in combat between selecting an action and that action taking effect.  Combat is sluggish because of this, which kills the pacing.  

In addition, the first quest is an annoyance because the Stingers are not guaranteed drops, meaning you have an RNG Grinding quest as the player's first exposure to the game.  Not a great look.  

All in all, it really didn't hold my attention.

Hey, have you checked the remake version? A lot of things have been changed!

are there cheat codes ? I keep losing ..  :|

The game doesn't have any cheat codes, =(

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ahh well

I still think it`s good so I`ll give you a good rating ..  lol

Thank you!


Hey, have you checked the remake version? A lot of things have been changed!

Deleted 191 days ago

OMG! Hello Trix :D


Hey, have you checked the remake version? A lot of things have been changed!

I like how  the game look =D great job

Hey, have you checked the remake version? A lot of things have been changed!

If you lose combat is it Game over ?

Yes, it is!

aww..  :|

The English spelling and wording is a bit off.   EG:  "meele" should be "melee", Anna's dialogue doesn't feel natural, ect.

I recommend changing Anna's like so:   "He became desperate, getting hornier and hornier."

Fred's initial dialogue isn't clear on what he needs, but the quest log details what is needed.  It would feel more natural if he said that he needed advice on business.

The blood manipulator could use a little refinement.   "Years ago they kicked me out of that junk Blarney City."  ->  "that uptight Blarney City."

Father's text.  "Always fearless fighting for her dreams"

"Fearlessly fighting for her dreams"

Blood and Whispers scene

"suffocating in this tight clothes" - "suffocating in these tight clothes."

There are other odd bits about that scene, may point them out if I do a replay of the game.

Thank you for your feedback, Sabin. I'll work on it, and I appreciate that! English isn't my first language, so your suggestions help me a lot. Did you like the game concept? Would you like to suggest something? 

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To be honest, this game doesn't grab me.  I am not sure why, but some hentai games get my attention and keep it, while others just...feel hollow?   

I think part of the problem for this particular game is that the unnatural language can make a person go "Huh?..wait, people don't talk that way.", and snap a player out of the intended experience.   

Anyhow, I haven't entered the tower yet, so I can't really talk about the gameplay or dungeon design yet.  Until I get a grasp of what kind of gameplay there is, I can't be helpful in that regard.

Thank you so much for your honest feedback! Can you tell me which hentai games got your attention? I want to check them to have more references. Also, is there any character in my game that you think the dialogues more natural?

When it comes to hentai games, I feel that the most important ingredient is personality.  That means natural dialogue, aesthetics that fits together nicely, and music that can set the scene nicely.

Unfortunately, RPGMaker games have it rough on the aesthetic and musical front - they typically rely on stock assets without much editing to make them feel more unique.  I recommend trying out the pitch setting on stock music and seeing how it changes the feel of any given piece.  While certainly not as good when compared to original music, that is a relatively easy way to make things less generic.

Now as to reference games, that is bit of an issue.   The first is that you seem to be going for a fairly standard RPGMaker game, some of my references have to be oriented around that.  Further, a number of my favorites require an unofficial English translation patch for me to understand them, and the odds of them being in your language are less likely.

I will detail some of them, in no particular order.

#1:  Monster Girl Dreams, on Itch.io.  Freeware at the moment, unfinished.

A game based on the Ren'py engine, if I remember rightly.  The strong point of this unfinished product is the dialogue and most of the art for the characters.  While I do enjoy exploring the game and making out with the ladies, the actual gameplay doesn't feel good to me.  There is a fair number of options for handling combat, but they don't really feel interesting to use. 

#2:   The Dungeon of Lulu Farea , official translation on DLSite.  Unofficial patch for original version available.

While this game certainly has personality for the character interactions, the most defining aspect is the gameplay.   You are tasked with conquering levels of a dungeon - but you have finite resources.  To advance, you must carefully calculate the benefits spending your limited resources.  I had to start a fresh campaign at least three times, but didn't mind much because I was learning how to optimize properly.   This game is heavily inspired by the Tower of the Sorceror, an old Japanese freeware game from the 90's.   There are some remakes of TOS on the Google Play store.  DROD RPG also has similar gameplay.    I really enjoy this gameplay, it is very different and thoughtful from the traditional JRPG grind.

#3:  Naedoko's Demon Ground, requires an unofficial translation.

In this game, the gimmick is using pregnancy to birth a variety of monsters.  Aside from being party members for combat, they sometimes are key to solving quests or problems.   Somewhat hardcore, but a good balance of combat and dialogue.  The dungeon design isn't good, but not awful either.   I get the feeling that this game is the closest of the bunch to what you are going for.

There is actually quite a few hentai games worth checking out, and there seems to be a new generation cropping up on Itch.io and Gamejolt.  These have potential, but are not yet finished and too numerous to go into detail.  Shortlist:    Haremon, Dandy Boy Adventures, A Town Uncovered, Monster Girl Island, and Third Crisis.

Not giving an opinion on your characters yet.  I barely started the game, they deserve more time to leave an impression.

OMG! Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for these references! I'm playing The Dungeon of Lulu Farea and it's a really interesting game concept! I'll check the others. Thank you!